Benefits of ATOs

Being an ATO will attract potential Singapore CA Qualification Candidates to your organisation as it sends out a clear message that your organisation is dedicated to staff training and development. Candidates can begin accumulating Practical Experience immediately upon employment by an ATO, and be nurtured and developed to cater for specialised roles within your organisation.

As an ATO, you will help to develop and uplift the entire accounting profession and enable other professionals to attain their goals.

To support ATOs in enrolling Singapore CA Qualification Candidates, the ATO Care Team has designed and launched initiatives catered to the needs of ATOs. The initiatives launched till date include:

  • ATO Human Capital Forum
  • ATO – SAC Networking Sessions
  • Be.Recognised Career Fair
  • ATO Spotlight
  • ATO Connect
  • ATO Logo Lock-up
  • ATO Newsletter
  • Approved Mentor Workshop

For more information on ATO Care’s initiatives, please click here.




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