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Organisations applying to be accredited are assessed against a number of Practical Experience Principles and Guidelines. In the form, you will also be required to nominate your Training Principal and Approved Mentors, as well as provide the CV, job description and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) records (for the last one year) of your nominees for Approved Mentors.

Before completing the Accredited Training Organisation Application Form, you are required to read the ATO Guide to Practical Experience which provides you with more information on the Practical Experience requirements of the Singapore CA Qualification, the ATO accreditation process and the Training Agreement.

From 1 July 2014, the Singapore Accountancy Commission will be levying a one-time accreditation fee of S$1,800 for Public Accounting Entities applying to become ATOs.
For more information on the ATO accreditation process, please click here.

For details on the ATO Accreditation, please contact ISCA at:
Tel: (+65) 6597 5610



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