About the PDWS

The Professional Development Workshops build on knowledge obtained from the Academic Base to develop a higher set of application, analytical and evaluation skills whilst also acquiring valuable professional knowledge from the Professional Development Workshop Facilitators.

Bringing with them years of industry experience, the Professional Development Workshop facilitators will be on hand to provide insights to the accountancy profession and share their life experiences which will be beneficial in gearing Candidates for their careers.

It is also an excellent platform for Candidates to enhance their soft skills such as communication, critical thinking and problem-solving skills and ability to work in groups.

The competences developed in the Professional Development Workshops are carefully aligned with practical experience. The balance between technical excellence and personal effectiveness will reflect the needs of the workplace which the Professional Development Workshops aim to develop in the Candidates that potential employers, clients and businesses are looking for in the competitive market.

The Professional Development Workshop assessment components are designed to cover the Candidate Learning Pack (CLP) syllabus in a progressive manner and guide Candidates in their study schedule. The Professional Development Workship materials for each intake are new and developed based on the latest edition of CLP which is updated annually.

Attending the Professional Development Workshops also represents an excellent opportunity for Candidates to network amongst like-minded individuals and add connections to their professional network!

Refer to the Candidate Guide to Professional Development Workshop to find out more (eg. assessment components, expectations, structure etc) about the Professional Development Workshops.



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