Application Procedure

Singapore CA Qualification

Direct entry degree holders are eligible for direct entry into the Singapore CA Qualification and Practical Experience component. 

Please check your eligibility under 'Who Qualifies' for the Singapore CA Qualification before submitting your application online. If you meet the entry requirements, please follow the steps below for application into the Singapore CA Qualification.

For Singapore CA Qualification (Foundation) Candidates whose applications were approved from 1 Jan 2014 onwards and who have completed the Singapore CA Qualification (Foundation) to embark on the Singapore CA Qualification, please submit the Singapore CA Qualification (Foundation) Candidate Conversion Form and the supporting documents mentioned in the form instead.

What to prepare for application:

  1. Complete the Online Application Form. Please click here for the Candidate Guide to Singapore CA Qualification Portal;
  2. A photocopy of NRIC (for Singaporeans & PRs) / FIN or passport (for foreigners);
  3. A copy of academic certificate(s) of university degree(s) or Statement of Academic Completion issued by the university or equivalent;
  4. A copy of academic transcript(s) of university degree(s);
  5. A copy of Training Agreement or Official Letter in lieu of the Training Agreement for Practical Experience with the ATO. Please click here for the Sample of Official Letter;
  6. A copy of Certificate of Completion of Singapore CA Qualification (Foundation) (applicable for applicants who are required to complete the Singapore CA Qualification (Foundation)); OR
  7. A copy of exemption email issued by Singapore Accountancy Commission (only applicable for applicants who are fully exempted from all Singapore CA Qualification (Foundation) modules); and
  8. A copy of Deed Poll (applicable for applicants who have changed their names).

Please post your documents to:

Singapore CA Qualification Admission
Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants
60 Cecil Street
ISCA House
Singapore 049709

Please email queries on admission and application to

Terms and Conditions

Click here for the list of Application Terms and Conditions.



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